Newland ensures our new projects are accessible by conforming to the latest web standards. This assures the public a general level of accessibility by increasing reach to different technologies used to access the Internet. Accessibility levels required by many government organizations can be very high and those projects may be twice as complex as other online applications.

In simple terms web accessibility means a website is available to as many people as possible including those with disabilities and aging users with changing abilities. Accessibility enables people to understand, navigate, interact and contribute to the web with or without assistive technology.

Designing for accessibility is far more cost-effective than retrofitting older web projects and reduces site maintenance costs going forward.
Accessible technologies like CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript enable more accessible content, navigation and data input.

Accessibility Benefits
Accessible sites are easier to manage
Reduces site development and maintenance time
Improves download time and usability
Improves accessibility to search engines
Demonstrates corporate social responsibility by increasing access to persons with disabilities and changing abilities due to aging, illness or temporary infirmities
Increases your potential market size