Web Planning

Websites are typically a work in progress for organizations. The Newland Group’s experience in web planning ranges from creating a first web site for clients, to finding interim solutions, or adapting a site for future enhancements. More complex projects, like those involving new applications or third parties are coordinated professionally using project management protocols.

Aided by years of experience, heuristics, which are experience-based techniques for problem solving, and the professional training of the Newland team, we address five key elements in developing a web plan.

  1. Newland analyzes and defines the purpose and scope of the site, whether it’s a completely new site, new sections on an existing site, or enhancements on a site.
  2. Next we plan the site architecture by analyzing requirements and designing a web layout. Architecture will include site menus and navigation and the site’s user interface.
  3. An analysis of the need to integrate with various third party API’s and applications is made and a site integration plan developed.
  4. Every phase of the user experience is planned which includes determining whether the user interface design is simple or intuitive, media used on the site and page flow.
  5. Planning for changes. Websites and plans always change and we are experts at planning for changes and managing changes over the course of time.