Web Strategy and Consulting

The Newland Group is a pioneer in the field of web strategy and consulting. The World Wide Web came into existence in the early 1990’s and Newland principal, David Kingsland, was among the first to recognize its potential for business. He founded The Newland Group in 1995 to help companies achieve success by taking advantage of the Internet’s potential to at lower cost than other channels.

Today, under Kingsland’s leadership, The Newland Group combines extensive business experience with a close watch on Internet trends and technologies to help organizations understand how the Internet impacts their business and offer solutions to deliver value from that impact. Newland will produce plans companies can implement right away with realistic and measureable goals. At the client’s option, Newland can merely deliver the plan, or continue through to manage the implementation.

Consulting Services include

  • Environmental Analysis
  • Business Plan Review
  • Social Media Planning
  • Heuristic Analysis of Existing Website
  • Writing for Interactive Media
  • Technology Reviews and Recommendations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Coaching

Consulting services are available on-site or remotely at clients’ request.