AAA North Jersey

Project: Enhanced Member Pages
Date: August 2012 - September 2013

Business Need

AAA North Jersey was running their entire website on the AAA Enhanced Server (AES). This server has some significant limitations and the club identified its handling of member login/logout and renewals as the two most in need of updating. Login used an alphanumeric UserID string that members often forgot and they either called the club to retrieve it, or merely created a second (or third or fourth) entry. Even more important was the renewal process. This had no connection to the club's membership system and the online form required members to manually enter the correct balance owing. Not only was this not user friendly, but respondsing to calls to the club and errors by members consumed an inordinate amount of club resources.


AAA North Jersey's back office membership and accounting system is completely custom built and there were no available APIs to allow an external server to communicate with it. Like every club there is CDX communication for road service but this didn't provide sufficient member information for this purpose. PCI compliance is critical of course to AAA and CAA and we needed a cost effective way to process credit card transactions without having to undergo a PCI certification process.


Newland sourced and configured a standalone Linux server that would become the Club's web server. In this first phase it handled only login/logout and renew functions, but this will be expanded with further projects in the future. We used Remote Sign In to integrate the new login/logout function with the AES and developed a completely new renew web application which read the member information including outstanding balance from the back office membership system. The new web application allowed members to choose not to renew specific associates, and also to donate to the Foundation for Traffic Safety.  To ensure PCI compliance we used a CyberSource Hosted Payment Page to completely isolate the payment card information from the new web server.

The solution was designed to be flexible and expandable and we have already made several enhancements, including converting to CyberSource Secure Acceptance, plus validating to ensure members who have transferred out cannot renew by mistake and several features to make the application even easier to use.

Technology & Tools

Java, Spring Web MVC Framework, Spring Security, Hibernate, JSP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Blowfish Encryption and CyberSource.