AAA Western & Central New York

Project: My Account Service
Date: January-September 2010

Business Need

Upgrade aging technology to improve customer experience when using the My Account Service section of the Club website. The solution had to be capable of accommodating future enhancements: integrating other applications such as a CRM system and a travel partner. In addition the architecture had to be ready to support mobile devices.


Transition from 10-year old technology and design to a user-friendly and intuitive design using current interactive technology. The legacy system, based on Java Server Pages commingled database code, page design code, and functional code. As a result, it was very difficult to make changes to the pages. The new application would have to be sufficiently flexible to be deployed at all Clubs in the e-Biz consortium with all Club-specific features and design handled by a configuration file and appropriate style sheets. 


Our solution was to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. The Model represents the business or database code, the View represents the page design code, and the Controller represents the navigational code. The Open Source Struts 2 framework from the Apache Software Foundation gave us the environment we needed to make this come into being, and to separate business logic from the user interface.

Technology & Tools

Struts 2.0