Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Client: e-Biz Consortium
Date: Completed in 2010

Business Need

Clubs in the e-Biz Consortium wanted a cost-effective, reliable method of business continuity should the web server or its environment suffer a disaster.


The cost of automatic load balancing and cut-over was unacceptably high so Newland needed to find the most cost-effective technique to cut-over between servers during an emergency. We also wanted to avoid paying for a back-up server to sit idle.


Newland arranged for half the sites to be live on a server in the eastern US and backed up on another on the west coast, and vice versa. Content and databases replicate automatically. Should disaster strike, we use DNS tools to make the backup sites become live.

Technology & Tools

The solution used HP servers running Red Hat Linux, NTT America hosting and firewalls, Linux O/S and MySQL databases


After documenting the failover procedures, we tested our plan by cutting all five live websites to the backup server to simulate disaster. Newland tested the server performance and Clubs tested their emergency procedures and made minor changes to improve their readiness.