Google Analytics


Client: AAA North Jersey
Date: December 2011 - January 2012

Business Need

Like all Clubs, AAA North Jersey needed to analyze their website to learn what aspects were successful and which parts needed work. They identified Google Analytics as the tool that would allow them to do this.


The Club hosts their website on the AAA Enhanced Server (AES). The AES Content Management System provides a low cost web development and hosting environment, which is particularly attractive to smaller Clubs. However its architecture, and in particular its use of dynamic page URLs, is not compatible with many features of Google Analytics.

AAA North Jersey had looked into Google Analytics and had tried using it on their site. They had installed the tracking code on the server, but the results were confusing and didn’t provide the data required. They turned to Newland for help.


Newland began by analyzing the current site and the Google Analytics configuration to perform a gap analysis. We then set up new Analytics profiles and made several enhancements to the way site activity was tracked. This included using JavaScript code to map site activity (clicks, page unloads, etc.) to “virtual pages” that were not affected by the AES dynamic URLs.

Technology & Tools

Google Analytics, AAA Enhanced Server, JavaScript, MS Excel with Excellent Analytics plug-in.