AAA Western & Central New York


Project:  TripTik, TourBooks, Maps
Date: May 2012 - January 2013
URL: Requires Member login

Business Need

AAA is one of the world’s largest publishers of maps and guidebooks, which are available free of charge to its members.  AAA members at AAA WCNY were using a dated and clumsy interface to request publications for mail delivery.  The existing process was difficult for users to understand and often resulted is waste due to unintentional ordering of unneeded publications.  The process needed to be streamlined and made user-friendly and flexible.


The website had separate links to order a printed TripTik, TourBooks and Maps so we needed three separate entry pages into the web application. Regardless of which page was presented first, we wanted to offer the remaining two pages before asking for a mailing address. Two of the three pages could be blank, but at least one had to be completed for the order to be valid. To emphasize the lead time to produce a printed TripTik, we set the earliest date that could be requested to be ten business days from the present date.


We built a web application that presented six pages to the member. First came the page they requested (TripTik, Tourbooks or Maps), followed by the remaining two of those pages. Once all three had been seen, and at least one form completed, we presented a form showing mailing information. This is pre-populated with the member record from Axis, but any and all information may be overwritten. Finally we present a summary page showing all publications that have been requested with links back to each of the previous page to simplify corrections. Once the Member submits the request we display a "thank you" page with another order summary and also email the same information to the Member. Originally we emailed the publications request to the Club, but a later enhancement created a publications requested database on the web server so that the Club could access and download the information remotely.

Technology & Tools

Java, JSP, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, JavaScript and CSS.