AAA, AAA WCNY, CAA Atlantic, CAA North & East Ontario


Project:  Join & Gift
Date: June 2012 - May 2014
URL: Still in development

Business Need

These four clubs have been using separate Join and Gift web pages that were originally developed over ten years ago. While the pages still allowed people to join and buy gift memberships, they were very difficult to update or enhance. When these pages were designed, the only mobile device was the Apple Newton and no cell phone was capable of running apps or displaying web pages. 


The four clubs were looking for economies of scale - a common web application that could be customized to match the look and feel and business rules of each club. Of course it had to be responsive and compatible with a wide range of browsers and mobile devices. It had to use APIs to talk to the Axis back office system and required one API feature that didn't exist.


The Newland Group is developing a java based web application that meets the four clubs' needs as regards customization. The clubs contracted Campana to enhance one of the APIs to support the new requirement. The new web application has been designed for, and tested on, a wide range of mobile and desktop browsers, both physical and via a simulator.

Technology & Tools

Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JSP, MySQL, SOAP Web Service, AXIS API, Responsive Design, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, JavaScript, CSS and Blowfish Encryption.