Auto clubs typically have need for Newland’s help in five areas of design – Software, Architecture, Database, User Interface and Graphic Design. The Newland team has specialized expertise in these areas and defined processes that we follow to assure successful outcomes.

Software Design – Newland programmers provide backend design that focuses on making different code components within the software work together seamlessly. Our designers take into account best practices, and software design patterns. We have designed software for Clubs for applications ranging from Media Console reporting to fully fledged membership systems.

Architecture Design – Newland’s backend design focuses on integrating various software, databases, hardware, operating systems and servers that together make a system. A recent example was the use of Struts to implement a new membership system that would connect not only to the Club's Axis system, but ultimately to their MRM system and travel partner.

Database Design – Designed properly, databases can immediately improve customer service and productivity and provide business units with valuable tools for growth. Newland has designed a range of databases for clients that run the gamut from managing site configuration to complete multi-table membership systems.

User Interface Design – Designing the user experience is a job for experts who understand your customers and their online behaviours. This is Newland's "bread and butter" and we have a long list of happy clients who will attest to our skills in this area.

Graphics Design – The look and feel of the user interface is part of your club’s branding. Newland has extensive experience providing professional designs that conform to federation brand standards for auto clubs and their key suppliers featured on web pages and provide visitors with a site that is as easy to look at, as it is to use.