Whether the Newland Group is assisting clubs in the formulation of their online strategy or asked for help on a particular project, Newland’s approach follows a similar process.
Newland prepares strategy and tactics for every Project’s success by addressing the fundamentals. Our process is inclusive as we work in partnership with client-clubs to get the project to its successful conclusion. 

Project Planning

  • Planning for resources
  • Analyzing dependencies on other projects
  • Defining the project schedule

Planning Collaboration and Communication

  • Newland assures communication with stakeholders
  • Communication with project team members
  • Communication on important milestones
  • Collaboration with the project team and stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Creates opportunities for timely demos, feedback and incorporating feedback

Planning Requirements

  • With input from business executives, we define and document requirements
  • Newland manages any changes in requirements before, during or after the start of development