Testing is an essential part of the Newland process. Our approach is comprehensive and identifies and corrects any weaknesses in the solution provided. Testing is not complete until clients also conduct their tests and post-deployment testing verifies that everything works well in a live environment.

Newland conducts six types of testing on projects.

  1. Iterative Testing – In projects where Agile development is being used by Newland, testing is conducted at the end of each iteration, which usually spans a period of two weeks.
  2. Unit Testing – Developers test at the end of every coding session.
  3. Testing Strategy – The Testing Strategy is prepared for each project before the start of Systems Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Our Testing Strategy plans for resources to start and complete SIT and UAT successfully.
  4. Systems Integration Testing – Newland conducts end-to-end testing of all systems related and linked to the project.
  5. User Acceptance Testing – This testing is done by the client to ensure that the product delivered matches all specifications and requirements.
  6. Post Deployment Sanity Testing – Performed post deployment to ensure the system deployment properly and work well in production environment.