Content Writing

Supplying visitors with satisfying web content will determine how often they’ll return to your site. The Newland Group offers advice to clubs on presentation of content and whether the words and images selected contribute to a positive user experience. Many clubs contribute their own words and images for web content with guidance from Newland’s design team. Newland will also source images for a site, recommend a look and feel as well as identify ways to maximize user engagement.

Newland’s writer is a former CAA Communications Manager, and AAA Marq Award winner for Internet Marketing. Clubs can contract Newland to supply content or submit their own. For dynamic pages where clubs choose to update content themselves, Newland can provide on and or off-site training.

Many clubs find it useful to track site and page visits to monitor visitor interest and determine which pages are most effective. Newland offers a variety of web analytics services that provide the user with critical marketing intelligence related to their content.