Programming Languages

There are a number of computing languages and frameworks used to design or develop web pages and web applications.

Some languages, like Java, JSP and PHP are known as scripting languages, which are interpreted at run-time.

Markup languages likes HTML and XML use tags to “ mark up” documents. Browsers then search the document looking for the markup tags and then arrange the content according to the values in the tags.

The languages and frameworks most often used by the Newland Group are:

Struts - an open-source framework for creating Java web applications.

Java – a programming language designed to develop applications, especially ones for the Internet that can operate on different platforms.

Spring - An open source cross platform application framework written on Java and used to build web applications. It runs on a Java Virtual Machine. Web applications build with this framework use Spring Security for authentication and authorization of users for these applications.

Hibernate – An object relational mapping library which provides framework for mapping a java object model into a traditional relational database. It is written on Java and used by Java applications.

JSP – programming language used for Java Server Pages.

JavaScript - implemented as part of a web browser in order to provide enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites.

jQuery - A Java script library that makes html manipulations, animations, AJAX requests and event handling easy to implement on complex web pages throughout all existing browsers.

PHP – an open source programming language able to host on most servers.

MySQL– a database programming language for querying and editing information stored in a database management system.

Perl – an older framework still widely in use.

What our clients say

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“Marketing and maximizing our investment in the digital space can be a daunting task, the newland group continues to provide us with the tools and analysis we need to maximize our ROI.”

- Jim Dugan, Jr. Vice President, AAA North Jersey

“I would like to say thank you to all of you at The Newland Group for all of your support, help and putting up with us. ;-) We greatly appreciate your expertise, quality of work, promptness and knowing you are there to catch us when we fall. The work you do for us is always top-notch and we can never give you enough praise for what you do.”

- Drew Burget E-Commerce Director, AAA Western & Central New York

“...We value your affiliation with our organization and appreciate your ongoing commitment to supporting effective internet strategies for clubs...”

- Robert L. Darbelnet President and Chief Executive Officer, AAA