Web Services

A Web service is a collection of open protocols and standards which are widely used for exchanging data between systems or applications.

Software applications are written using various programming languages and running on multiple platforms. It allows you to use web services to exchange data over computer networks.

We've created a series of web services to allow clubs and their partners to implement the Join and My Account functions with their own front ends. We've also implemented a new Join web application using Drupal web forms.

Here are the benefits of using web services:

  • Offers faster communications within and across organizations
  • Each service exists independently of other services.
  • Interoperability has the highest priority.
  • Using Web services, your application helps you to publish its message or function to the rest of the world.
  • Web services help solve interoperability issues by giving different applications a way to link their data.
  • Web services help you to exchange data between different applications and different platforms.
  • It allows applications to communicate, exchange data, and shared services among themselves.
  • Web services are specifically designed to be used as a web page request and help you to receive data.
  • It serves as building blocks which makes it easy to reuse web service components in other services. Web Services are deployed on internet standards such as standard Apache, and Axis2. It provides WSDL, HTTP, driven services.

What our clients say

Read our clients feedback we've received over the years.

"The Newland Group team’s approach to our project was well organized with consistent communication, and our project was brought to implementation within a realistic timeframe without sacrificing quality."

- Margaret LeSage Business Information Manager, CAA Manitoba

“...The Newland Group has been very instrumental in helping us attain our web-related strategic goals in web design, architecture, function, usability, support and server administration...”

- Tom Ashley former e-Biz Chairman

“Thank you for the successful launch on time of MPP Phase 2. This was a complex project and to get this in on time is a testament to the capability and commitment of your team.”

- Bret Ross Director of Information Technology, CAA Atlantic