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AAA Western & Central New York

Web Services Join & Gift

This project achieved two goals. The primary purpose was to create a series of web services to allow clubs and their partners to implement the Join and My Account functions with their own front ends. The secondary purpose was to implement a new Join web application using Drupal web forms. We delivered the application with the test tool to allow clubs to interrogate the web services.

e-biz consortium

Web Services Testing Tool

This tool has been designed to allow developers to test their applications by providing a reference request and response. If their application delivers a different result than the tool, then there’s a problem with the application. The user interface has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, including only the elements necessary for querying a given method.


My Account 2.0

This was Newland’s largest project by far. Clubs have expressed an interest in managing page content themselves, or even integrating their own pages which would fetch data from sources other than Axis. We’ve achieved this by building the application's front end in Drupal and giving administration rights to the Clubs.


Express Renew

This project was to allow club members to log in by member number and zip code, but not log them in Drupal account, which means they can not access any other links of My Account 2.0. Members in billing do not need to have account to renew their membership using express renew application.

AAA CP, AAA PV, AAA WCNY, CAA Niagara, CAA Saskatchewan

API Login

This project replaced all Campana JSP code with a combination of Drupal for the front end and Spring in the back end. We've enhanced an existing API login to have one single flow, which start with one input: membership number or email address.


API Login Management Tool

The API Login Management application is intended to manage members and nonmember donors. An admin user can search, update, swap membership numbers and delete members and non-member donor records.

What our clients say

Read our clients feedback we've received over the years.

“I want to personally “Thank” all of you for the exceptional job you have done with the My Account 2.0 project. In the 12 years of working for AAA, I believe, this is the single largest project that The Newland Group has implemented. As you consistently do, this project launched without a hitch. In fact, so little disruption occurred that the launch of My Account 2.0 went practically unnoticed by Employees and Users alike. Again, “Thank You” for the amazing services and dedication you and your team provide for the AAA & CAA Clubs.”

- Drew Burget E-Commerce Director, AAA Western & Central New York

“I would like to take a moment to thank you and your team for all your help getting our website project completed. We have really taken a giant step forward with our online presence and we could not have gotten here without all the great work you and your team provided. I have to say have been involved in a number of web projects like this in the past and this by far has been the smoothest, well run project of them all! Kudos to you and your team for a job extremely well done!!! We really appreciate all your support and look forward to working with you moving forward. Thanks again for all your efforts!”

- Joe DeFrancesco Vice President, Automotive Services, AAA Reading-Berks

“I just want to take a few moments to say how much I appreciate the hard work the team at the Newland Group has done to help make AAA North Jersey’s Membership Renewal process a pleasure to use. I can’t emphasize enough the careful preparation and attention to detail that went in to the project from start to finish. From Project Management, design and implementation, nothing but true professionalism."

- Robert J Santee Manager, Information Systems, AAA North Jersey