Successful deployment is the end-result of a rigorous process that includes contingency plans and post-deployment support.

  1. Newland prepares a deployment plan that outlines steps to move the tested and approved product into production.
  2. Newland plans and fulfils all requirements for deployment.
  3. Arrangement are made for necessary resources.
  4. Communication plan is developed for deployment.
  5. Production servers are prepared for deployment.
  6. Contingency plans are prepared.
  7. Newland deploys according to plan
  8. Post deployment support is available.

What our clients say

Read our clients feedback we've received over the years.

"The Newland Group team had great creative ideas and project managed the entire process while at the same time, allowing AAA South Jersey to handle many components of the project internally so as to control costs. They are true professionals that are efficient and a pleasure to work with."

- Tony Ardito VP Information Technology, AAA South Jersey

“The My Account project was a large and complex project that was implemented bug / issue free. It is wonderful to work with a vendor who thoroughly understands your company and its unique business processes.”

- Drew Burget E-Commerce Director, AAA Western & Central New York

“Thank you for all of the great progress and work on Service Tracker, supporting our Campana upgrades on short notice, and “oAuth” phase 1 & 2. Your company really stands out for the timeliness and quality of your solutions.”

- Bret Ross Director of Information Technology, CAA Atlantic